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Press Release - 11/10/2003
November 10, 2003
For Immediate Release
Firetongue Software announces a new version of OrangeCD Suite for Windows, an easy-to-use music database solution for home users. The new version offers more ways of automatic cataloging of music albums and enhances online presentation of the collection. With OrangeCD Suite, music fans, rarity collectors, DJs or home-based record stores can easily maintain catalogs of their music titles in many formats, including vinyl records and MP3 media. The users can browse or search the catalog using custom queries and create a website showcase by means of personalized templates, with no manual HTML coding.
About OrangeCD Suite 5.1.0 --
OrangeCD Suite has been developed to give the user the power of the professional database combined with simplicity of operation. Its intuitive interface guides the user through the process of cataloging, viewing and reporting music data. The process of cataloging is automatic, meaning the user does not have to type in the title information. This is no small thing, considering the fact an average music enthusiast owns over 50 albums and, with the advent of the media download technology, the number keeps increasing.
OrangeCD Suite offers a comprehensive set of fields that includes recording credits, artwork, lyrics, reviews and user-defined fields. With OrangeCD Suite, the user can easily check whether he or she owns a specific recording or song and quickly find the album location on a CD rack. With price fields properly filled in, the user can track the total collection value for insurance purposes.
In addition, OrangeCD Suite provides a spectrum of unique features, such as import and export to or from variety of popular formats, web links management, Internet music database lookup, and others.
OrangeCD Suite 5.1.0 is distributed electronically over the Internet; free demo version is available for evaluation at
The price of a single user license is US $34.95; it comes with free lifetime upgrades, free online technical support and 90-day unconditional money-back guarantee.
Evaluation copy available upon request.
Contact e-mail:
Secure order page:
Press Release - 7/9/2001
July 9, 2001
For Immediate Release
Firetongue Software company has released OrangeCD Suite version 4.10, an easy-to-use music collection manager for Windows. Utilizing web browser technology, OrangeCD Suite makes it the simplest way to organize your music collection. You can manage and browse your collection as easy as clicking links, and using Back and Forward buttons - just like using your favorite browser.
OrangeCD Suite is ideal for casual music collectors and DJs, and may be useful for music stores and rental agencies. It supports a variety of popular formats, including CD, MP3, MD, DVD and tapes.
To add a new album on a CD, you just have to insert a CD. OrangeCD Suite supports online services such as FreeDB, so no typing is necessary in most cases. The program downloads all relevant information from the Internet.
OrangeCD Suite provides a full range of editable fields, including user-defined fields. We focused the special attention on classical recordings: there are a number of fields used for classical music only. Program's versatility allows it to store album covers, song lyrics and personal notes as well as links to the Internet resources related to the artist.
To locate a specific album in the database, there are several possibilities: you can navigate from the top, through a number of indices, descending to the album and track level, or you can run a search query and receive the list of albums at once. In addition, OrangeCD Suite provides a special list of Favorites for quick access to the frequently viewed performers.
The full-text search feature allows you to find all references to the person or subject of interest - even if it is only mentioned in song lyric.
For music enthusiasts who wish to exchange their collections, OrangeCD Suite provides a HTML reporting capabilities. No HTML knowledge is necessary to create an HTML report using OrangeCD Suite and publish it on the Internet.
OrangeCD Suite organizes the data in a compact database, so it is easy to move the collection to a different computer or synchronize between home and work. The set of plug-ins allows you to convert your existing music collection from the popular formats, including cdplayer.ini, CDDB and Excel spreadsheet.
Extensive use of drag-and-drop technology and system integration makes OrangeCD Suite a powerful tool for the advanced users. You can create shortcuts to the favorites database entries on the desktop just like for regular files.
The program can be installed and run on any Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000 Pentium-class computer. OrangeCD Suite single-user license begins from $20 and it can be purchased securely online at You can download a free, fully functional trial version of OrangeCD Suite from the same location.
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Evaluation Copy Available on Request

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